Mr Ayuk Tabe (Facebook Southern cameroon chair board) and His “Njangi” Board!!”


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Mr Ayuk Tabe the supposed interim Chair of the Facebook Republic of Southern Cameroon, who has now been promoted to permanent leader, has finally unveilled his board members. It is important for most of you to take a look at his notice board.
History has a way of repeating itself. A board that assumes leadership over 2 regions of Cameroon, with a total population of less than 7million people, has a board of over 100 people. Isn’t this funny?? We make fun of Biya’s board with about 65members over a population of 24million people yet create our board of about 100 people for realistically, only about 1million people.
Can someone please tell Mr Tabe that he is rather acting as a Senior Prefect of one of the schools he has burned down and not like someone who can lead a people of a lost nation?? Worst of it is he has this group of people who have been lost for so long in the diaspora and have now found a way to feel represented.
Can someone tell Mr Tabe that Cameroon will be led by Cameroonians who live in Cameroon and not misguided Cameroonians who have sold their citizenship for foreign benefits; lost an identity; preach theoretical development and dream of an imaginary leadership. Cameroon is in Cameroon and not online Mr Tabe. Please stop making a fool of what leadership is really about. We need change and not this copy and paste from thesame books that have held Africa and Africans behind for centuries.
Can someone please wake Mr Tabe up from sleep??? His entire board is made up of old cats who have left Cameroon over 20 years ago and most of them have not been back nor are making any contribution to the country besides talking politics of Ahidjo which they ran and left behind. His board is a sign that he has been reading the books of the likes of Mugabe, Biya or Obiang Ngema. What a shame!! We thought against all odds, he will try to do something better than this.
Can someone tell Mr Tabe that leadership is all about execution and not about appointment? He is focused on adding friends to his imaginary list of fanatics. With no agenda and no scope, they will remain like any other Facebook group that shines at start and faints before day fall. Unless he is just putting a crew together to support his fundraising plan. Gofundme is obsolete, so appoint them and ask for contributions like the church pastor. Biya must be laughing so hard that he might have his son go for re – election this time. Na which kind disgrace be this noh?
Like they say, its better to deal with the known devil than the unknown angel. It might be better dealing with the Baby boys – Ivo and Mark or even with Biya than this new stage clown of Tabe and crew. I am happy that someone reminded him to use a chapstick for his lips as he is beginning to look serious now. But this new board just sent him back to class one in Government School Yoke.
Today is Monday in Cameroon and there is a more urgent issue which he could address but he chooses to be aligning his illusionary squad of old quarks. Someone tell him that too many chefs in the kitchen always spoil the sauce. And his board has too many over sabi people. We don’t theoriticians with theoritical formulas of change.
Cameroon is heading for change. And the silent majority is keep a close distance to this change. This is the voice of the Great Anonymous, so listen and be liberated.
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