What do you know about AFRIX?


Thanks for visiting Afrixblinks blog, it is a great pleasure. A lot of people have been seeing “AFRIX” everywhere and wondering what it is. We have
-Afrix records
-Afrixblinks blog
-Afrix trending faces

Afrix Records.
This is a record label owned and controlled by the vocalist Rappinem. After having studied Music in Buea, Rappinem who happens to be his music name decided to create the wonderful label Afrix Records. So he is the boss and owner
He’s a small but mighty guy who has got big brains and big ambitions.
Apart from the boss, we have the model. Her name is Tata Beverly. She’s both model and actress so for your videos you can always contact us. She ensures the physique of afrix members and create orderliness.
so Beverly Tata is our model and designer. Our Afrix Goddess
Equally, we have the makeup artist who is also a singer. Her name is Noelly the Afrix queen. She does makeup for afrix members before they stand on stage or wherever their presence is needed. She is the CEO of Afrix trending Faces which is for makeup.
with the Afrix Queen we always look good
The last but not the least we have Jossie Blinks who is a singer under Afrix records and a blogger for their blog Afrixblinks blog. We promote everything 237 and make sure we all grow. We give you information in and around the world.
“La diva” and first lady of Afrix record wishes you guys always drop your opinions in the comments and share as possible. Your command is our wish.
Afrixblinks blog
This is a label blog (Afrix records ) that promote all. We grow in this together and always try to get everyone informed. It’s under the control of the Afrix records label
Afrix trending Faces
This is the labels makeup organs. Noelly is the makeup artist and controller of this so for your makeups you can always contact us.
 From the above analysis we hope we have in a nutshell given in brief what Afrix is in benefit of doubts of others. Thanks more for always reading, we are glad! See you on the next post.


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