Afrimma results out and no Cameroonian selected?


Thanks once more for visiting this blog, the pleasure would be ours if y’all comment your opinions so we improve. The afrimma results were finally out and it was indicated no Cameroonian was selected. Most Cameroonians are talented in the arts field likewise others so at least expect to go away with at least a prize.

Is this afrimma unfair to Cameroonians or they merit it?
Given the fact that we have a lot of good artists like Locko, Mr.Leo, Magasco, Daphne, Tenor just to name a few, the least one could expect was that one of this good artists should go back with a prize.
On trace Africa, Cameroon artists are taking over

1st on trace Africa is Locko with “je sérai là”
3rd Tenor with “Bad things”
5th Magasco with “Bella” .
The issue of no Cameroonian artists being selected causes an endless controversy.
Does it mean Blaise B couldn’t be the best most promising artists in west Africa? He’s talented more than others. Ewube, couldn’t take a prize too?

Is afrimma 2017 a  complete dictak or a success?Drop opinions.



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