Spike De’e says he’s ADDICTED to y’all(Anticipate)


Thanks once more for visiting this blog, since we are out to entertain, inform, gist and educate, we chose to entertain y’all reading this. So in the Cameroon music industry, one shouldn’t talk about great afro pop artists without mentioning Spike De’e, locko, Blanche Bailly, Daphne just to name a few.

To begin with, spike De’e is a talented afro pop singer who has been trained since childhood in a music school. Apart  from the fact that music is his passion, he’s indeed talented and with such great artists the Cameroon music industry will grow further.

Model, dancer and singer

Though the aforementioned point, from the above picture one can see that he’s physically blessed and from his lyrics one can see that attitude wise he’s good too. Show biz doesn’t rely on the ability to sing well, physique matters so we seize the opportunity to say he’s a model and a dancer which are great compliments for his musical career.

In his latest release thus, he expresses his emotions on how he feels for his girl, his fans, entertainers, family and friends, here’s the chorus:

“Baby im addicted 2 u..

Rani im addicted 2 U…

4 me luv is so addicted 2 U….

!All my luv yh me gv em 2 U…

baby im addicted 2 u oh..

see the badaman addicted 2 u ehh….

4 me luv is so addicted 2 u…”

With such an amazing chorus we call on y’all to anticipate the release of this song on the 5th November 2017 ADDICTED, subscribe to download the audio and lyric video

5th November 2017

This hit song was being produced by Gima one of the best Cameroon  producers so are we all Addicted? Drop your response in the comment

Thanks once more for reading this, it was a pleasure.



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