Askia insults Mel B on HiTV


It was on a Friday the program took place and will be rebroadcasted on Wednesday. Darling L. Is the host of the show and it’s name is Trackz on Fire.   Askia Karin is an artist under Alpha better records in which Salatiel is the CEO.

Askia was interviewd on some few stuffs in which the issue on Mel B came up.

Mel B is a female singer too, her latest song is FRAPPÉ

In Mel B’s last interview sometime she was asked why in one of her videos her makeup wasnt good and she said it’s Askia who made her up in that video. She was laughing though. So it indicates she was playing

So in the interview the journalist brought up the topic on why Askia Karin didnt make Mel B up well for her video then Askia said a lot of things one of which was “Mel B is an ungrateful bitch”

Askia on Hitv

Reports have proven that Askia and Mel B have been good friends but Askia said their enemity started when someone posted something negative about her and Mel B was the first to comment, not only commenting but laughed and that’s how the hatred started. Any questions drop in the comment box.

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