BLACK POWER,EP-Dready Christ


Our appreciation can never be complete if those who visit this site regularly are not thanked. Due to this, we always try to diverstify; gists, news, entertainment, lifestyle, culture just to name a few. So now we are out to entertain. We presenting the BLack Power EP by one of Cameroon’s best rappers Dready Christ. His raps can be said to be as mysterious as his name. Though a rapper, this talented young guy sings amazingly as well and this can be justified in the song he’s featured with Mic Monsta; “Freedom of speech”, with KO-C and a couple of others ” Ici au Kamer” and many more songs. Some say he is African but raps more than or equal to Eminem. This is to say Africans are gradually and surely going to show their talents to the world. So should we rather kill this talents or uplift it? Choose wisely and watch below

After having watch, do what people think about this young artist holds? Please dont forget to watch, like, subscribe and share this.Thanks for visiting this blog.


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