At Eyoumojock, five police officers meet waterloo again


An atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and consternation now reigned in Eyoumojock Subdivision, Manyu Division of the South West Region following the death of five police officers.

The five police officers were reportedly whacked on Wednesday, November 29, breaking Thursday November 30, 2017, by some unidentified assailants.

When Journal du Cameroun contacted our source in Mamfe in the early hours of Thursday, November 30, the source stated that the population was to recovering from the November 28 breaking 29 incident in which four gendarmerie officers were killed in Agborkem German, one kidnapped and ammunitions confiscated during the attack.

But by 5:00pm, our source contacted Journal du Cameroun, stating that Eyoumujock was in chaos, following the slaying of five other police officers.

Going by him, the shooting of the five police officers by some unknown gunmen have triggered mass desertion of homes as people are scampering into the forest in search of safe havens.

“Eyoumujock is in chaos, everybody is running into the forest to avoid police crackdown after five police officers were discovered dead this morning. From what we are getting here, the police convoy was attached by the gunmen as they were patrolling and five of them were killed. Two were serious injured and manage to escape,” our source stated by phone.

Meanwhile government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, in an official release on said, just two police officers were murdered during the night of 29 to 30 November, 2017.

The November 30, attacked came less than 24 hours after four gendarmerie officers were killed still in the same Subdivision. This now bring the number of casualties on the side of police by 10 in less than two weeks and nine in two days.

The armed wing of the Southern Cameroon’s restoration movement dubbed the Ambazonian Defence Forces is reportedly behind the mayhem on the security forces.

The spate of attacks on security operatives came barely hours after the Chief of Ekok, HRH Enow Cyprian, raised an alarm, cautioning the Government to watch out for more attacks on Gendarmerie officers, if nothing is done to bring back young people who are fleeing to Nigeria as refugees.

The traditional ruler had warned that the young people who have abandoned schools, escaped from their homes and were living in the forest may be recruited by some ill intention people, trained and given arms to wreck havoc in Cameroon.


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