Frappé reloaded – Mel B


Thanks for visiting this site, one cannot talk of awesome artists without mentioning Mel B. She’s an afro pop singer who isn’t only out to entertain, she’s out to educate and inform.

Mel B

She’s a young beautiful damsel who though all the trials in life has made known to the younger ones it’s good to strive. In her latest release Frappé she expresses her feelings for a certain guy. This is very didactic because she presents the good part of love which is pure, clean and not erotic. Mel B has made Cameroon proud with her kind of songs though all the trials that has come her way. We must admit though a singer, she can dance and act very well, most people enjoy the manner in which she is dancing. To know what this damsel is willing(because it’s her hobby) and capable of doing  and to support Cameroon music industry please watch below

Thanks for taking your time to watch this amazing song, please drop your comments.


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