Mic monsta is reported to have left kreef Entertainmemt


As wonders will never end, a lot of artists are leaving their record labels. Thanks for always visiting the blog, hoping you read carefully till the end. It’s been over some months now that rumours went around around that Mic Monsta has left his record label.

Rapper of “Fear”,” freedom of speech” just to name a few including the entire EP Experience, Mic monsta is considered one of Cameroon’s best rappers. His lyrics are a perfect blend to the rhythm and makes a lot of sense. He uses simple language such that anyone can understand thus promoting his culture.

As often said “God help those who help themselves” Mic Monsta is an artist with so much talent. Such artists shouldn’t be neglected. Due to the neglect of kreef entertainment on such a great artist should be the reason for him quitting. This still leaves little doubt and why he actually left but it should be for the best

Thanks for reading till the end, sharing will be our pleasure.


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