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Thanks for the visit, hoping you subscribe. Have been entertaining y’all with music so decided to diverstify by going to comedy so as to make y’all laugh little

Cameroon is at it again, specifically Bamenda. Cameroon has proven not only to he good in music but comedy as well.We have come across a lot of  short comedy skits such as Mac Angel comedy, onne caught our attention 237FunVids front lined by The Bamenda based comedian ACB KING. Its YouTube Channel has been existing close to a Month with close to 10 videos on its credit.Videos are uploaded every Wednesdays.

Check out this link to subscribe,and watch their new videos .According to what’s happening , a popular sentence.. Used by di 237funVids owner ACB KING.. As gone Viral over a short period of time. Acb king turns out to be a stand up comedian.

For events bookings contact them on email :acb237funvids@gmail.com… For adverts and promo . of what ever u are doing, through comedy video form.. Contact them on WhatsApp +237 650770497
On Facebook :237funvids unofficial
#accordingtowhatsappeningteam today…
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Thanks for watching, hoping you were entertained. Waiting for your comments below.


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