Is it true Beyonce bought herlsef a “new booty”?


Did Beyonce buy herself a “new booty”? That’s the question being posed by a site that’s been previously nailed for questioning whether she was wearing a prosthetic belly when pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy, and more recently called out for claiming she got lip injections while carrying twins Sir and Rumi. Regardless,Gossip Cop looked into it and there are no ands, ifs or buts about it — Beyonce did not get injections or implants.

The often disproven MediaTakeOut simply ran a headline on Sunday that reads, “Beyonce Shows Off Her New Body… And People Are Saying… She Bought A New Booty!” The site, which has no sources to back up its claim, then questions, “Is That Thing Real Or Fake?” Of course, that’s an equally fair question to ask about MTO. Is that blog for real or not?

Gossip Cop is amused by how MediaFakeOut maintains, “People are saying” Beyonce paid for a new posterior. What “people” are saying that because the site’s own commenters are funnily enough not believing it. One remarked, “Some people just don’t understand just how much having a baby changes a woman’s body.” Another similarly stated, “Babies can change your body for better or for worse.” And a third person brought up a valid point: “When is she ever out of the spotlight long enough to have surgery?”

Basically, the site came up with its (tired) angle after Beyonce posted a photo on Instagram on Saturday that showed her rump while she was walking with Blue Ivy. The image, however, does not prove at all that she gotten herself a “new booty.” In fact, the commenters on that picture don’t even mention her behind in their remarks.

Of course, this is hardly the first, or even second time, MTO has manufactured a story about the superstar singer getting work on her behind. A year and a half ago, Gossip Copbusted the site when it wrongly maintainedBeyonce got butt implants or injections. And we debunked it six months later when the blog tried to peddle it again. It wasn’t accurate then, and it remains wrong now.


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