Rising Hip Hop: Indigo Conglomerate



Indigo Conglomerate is a brand new hip hop group of 30+ local artists from Eugene Oregon.

Memebers Cgk, Dezmos, Ksplif, Saint IV, and Darius Jackson came together during the 2k17 summer and formed the group.

Since then, the creators have recruited members through the love of making hip hop.

The conglomerates goal is too spread a positive message, while influencing the original teachings of what it means to be human.

The name “Indigo” comes from the creators, who believe they were born indigo children.

Indigo children are beings born with special powers such as telekinesis.

The styles of the various artists range from soulful hip hop, to RnB, Trap, Reggae, BubbleGum, World, Alternative etc.

Since the formation, they have put out they’re songs on the “IC Gang” SoundCloud.

Here’s the link: https://m.soundcloud.com/icgang

Look out for Indigo Conglomerate on the come up!




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