(Gist) Nkeng Stephens a video director “introduces a handhold movement” Unkle chinios declares but doesn’t follow


A lot of people have been saying the Cameroon music industry is full of hate and disorder. How far this is true however has caused an endless controversy in people. Thanks for visiting the site, hope you subscribe.

Due to the too much beefs, some people decided to make a “handhold movement” which is that movement in which indicates “we are in this together” so should help each other.

So according to Unkle chinois a content developer and film maker, Mr. Nkeng brought up the idea of this movement

To his greatest dismay,Mr. Nkeng didn’t stick to his ideology. He goes further by giving an instance that left him disappointed.

Due to the frustration from numerous video directors, as from our reports, Unkle chinios decides to make it public toeveryone’s greatest surprise.

So does the Cameroon entertainment industry need deliverance or not? Thanks for visiting the site.


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