Prominent Blogger kiki Bandy says”God asked me to be a lesbian, lesbianism is not a sin”.


Kiki Bandy is the CEO of Kinakasblog one of Cameroon’s most visited site.

Thanks for your continuous support in visiting this site, loving and sharing it. Hoping you keep dropping your opinions so we ameliorate.

Kiki Bandy is a Cameroon based blogger and TV presenter located in the United Kingdom.

Random stuffs went online that she is a lesbian and an HIV patient. How far this is true is what remains an endless cry.

Lesbian wise, she openly said it and gave received a lot of insults from her fans but she doesn’t care as she goes on to say

“God asked her to be a lesbian, lesbianism is not a sin”

Whether lesbianism is a sin or not is highly debatable. Screenshot of what she said below and drop opinions



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