One of the best 237 rapper -Dready Christ takes breathtaking pictures


Thanks for visiting this site it’s a pleasure knowing that you people have confidence in us. As usual, our happiness is when the audience are entertained so we are on one of the most talented rappers taking breathtaking pictures. Dready Christ as he is called cannot be spoken out of the most influential rappers in Cameroon. As far as Cameroon music industry likewise entertainment is concerned he has a lot to offer.


He  is a 27years old versatile artist from Cameroon, West Africa. Musically speaking, there are no limits for Dready; he manoeuvres perfectly across multiple genres of music & can be safely referred to as ‘Music-In-Person’

Following Cameroonian based Dready Christ’s BLACK POWER EP (Nov. 2017) which had groundbreaking impact & is still trending, the artist has just surprised his growing fan base with a five (5) beats freestyle back-to-back!
@GijayKarl, a renown Cameroonian producer put out five (5) free beats online to challenge artists & in less than 24hrs of the release @DreadyChrist enthusiastically embraced  the challenge, hit the studio & killed all five beats successively in a freestyle run! This is getting somewhat controversial, as most listeners are proclaiming this challenge as Dready’s EP instead, leaving other artists disabled.

Talking about his EP entitle Black power  for those who dont know what he’s capable of doing, you can get your own piece of cake below and drop opinions.


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