Sir K, an inspiration for the youths.


Sir K is a rapper, spoken word poet and owner of the clothing line  Sir K. Being a Cameroonian from Bakossi and based in Buea, Sir k (Ngwane E Kwame Samuel) is a young ambitious, selfless youth of 20 years

Sir k

As earlier mentioned, he is ambitious. Who would have believed that  in an African country whereby all youths depend on the government for employment others are trying to build and keep a legacy? He says “People can be their own boss, all they need to do is work and believe in God. Determination is the key to success.” He calls on all the youths, no matter their ages to get into work. He has a lot of support from friends because of his good attitude and it can be seen from how his T-shirts have a high command.

 you can command your own T-shirts too.

Afriblinksblog asked Sir k where he gets the air to keep moving and never giving up though the obstacles and he said “ I can’t live my life without God. God is my main source of inspiration though there are other sources like my family and friends.”

So one should note that he loves God and his family, friends not excluded. The Ngwane family is gifted, they have comedians, bloggers just to name a few. They all struggle knowing life isn’t easy. Most importantly, they love and support each other so much.

Ngwane’s family

Being a spoken word poem, he makes sure he always thrills his public with amazing poetry, he reads a lot of books and makes a lot of research. He told Afriblinksblog “education is the main key to success and we never know much so the little we know we should keep seeking for more and sharing too.”

One cannot talk about Sir K without saying he’s an artist. He doesn’t sing for pleasure, said he “but I sing to pass out good information. I do good music to impact someone somewhere”. He is a hiphop and afro rap artist. Many were inspired from his song he did sometime ago AMEN and from our interview with them, they said Sir K is an example to Cameroon music and world music at large

Sir k on stage

It’s worth noting that he doesn’t just want to receive love but he shows out love. The reason why he has a lot of support from people is because he gives out a lot of support. He helps people, he visits orphanages, he frequents events too to support the entertainment industry.

BDMA event

From the above analysis. We hope someone somewhere has learnt something from Sir K’s life. We are not saying he is perfect but he is just human understanding each human has flaws. Drop what you will want to know about Sir K when next you are reading about him. Don’t forget to subscribe to get more updates about Sir K which can help you in your day to day lives.



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