Dynastie le tigre of tiger production signs a business deal with West SI2


From Ebolowa, the Cameroonian Yaoundé based artist Dynastie le Tigre with birth name Beoc Essama Cedric decided to sign a business deal with West SI2.

Signing of deal between Dynastie and Jas. B

There are normally three structures in charge of Dynastie’s career.

1. Tiger production: This is his label. It is in charge of his musical life. It makes sure his songs are well recorded, good videos shot and every other thing linked to it. They have a studio which is newly created, estimated to be about 5 months old now.

2. Hope music group: Music is basically nothing without promotion so the main motive of this structure is to distribute his songs everywhere possible. It ensures a proper distribution of his songs to the people.

3. West SI2: The last but not the least is this which englobes managing of the artist, protecting his image, the corporate image and ensuring the proper functioning of his career. It has as manager Jas.B

Dynastie knows how important his image is and that’s why he couldn’t help but sign a contract with this structure.

People might wonder why he has such a structure yet his image is being damaged due to some of his conflicts like that with Maahlox. When interviewed he said Maahlox is his brother, they have eaten together and more. They just have a little misunderstanding like every other human. Not because he’s a celebrity that makes him different and not bound to mistakes.

Apart from music, after having studied in the University of Bamenda and Dchang, he’s a business man.

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