Top 10 behaviours artists should avoid


An artist is anyone who performs or produces a piece of art. Being an artist, your main objective should be to educate, inform and entertain  just to name a few. In the entertainment world, each artist who wants to benefit from their input should know there is “Show” which in other words means showing the the public what you can do or offer. Nevertheless, there cannot be the “show” part without “biz” which is the business part. Every artist who wants an output should know it is Showbiz. To achieve this objective, they should build a good foundation; have a good fan base. How to establish a good fan base, they should be able to avoid certain behaviours. Below we will discuss on the top 10.

  1. Avoid indiscipline : Most artists are very indiscipline. To be discipline means you should  do the right thing, at the right time, for a right reason, at the right place and with the right people. How many artists can boast they are discipline? Posting unnecessarily on Facebook, twitter and other social networks is very very indiscipline especially on rants, ridicules,complains just to name a few. If artists should be posting, it should be about their arts or other people’s arts. Immediately they go out of that, they are off topic and doing the job of bloggers and remember “not the right place or reason and right people” so you are being indiscipline which won’t help your career.
  2. Avoid immaturity: Most artists nowadays act like children. Any person with a grownup mind should know that unnecessary fights, insolence and hate  on social media and networks aren’t helping their career but damaging their image. A matured person will talk one- on -one with their counterpart incase they have any problem. Thus, maturity is a key to success.
  3. Avoid hate and gossip: Some artists spend their time hating and gossiping about others. Everybody has a way they see their things, just because for you, your counterpart’s art is not good does not mean it is naturally not good. So rather than hating and gossiping, use that precious time to invest, think and innovate something new.
  4. Avoid Jealousy: As often said “imitation is better than jealousy”. When your comrade’s art is good, the least you can do is appreciate, share and show some love. You can ask him for the things put in to produce such good art so you can do yours too rather than be Jealous and plan evil.
  5. Idleness should be avoided. Most artists spend their time checking others faults then at the end of the day you wonder whether  or not each person doesn’t have their own life. As an artist with a business mind, you should occupy yourself for the Bible says ” An idle man is the devil’s workshop”
  6. Avoid anger: Being an artist, you will have a particular public looking up to you. Not all are there to love you but that doesn’t mean you should hate those who hate you. Show love to all your fans. If any insults you, thank them because they are making you stronger. The moment you initiate hate, you lose fans knowingly or unknowingly.
  7. Artists should avoid blaming others for their weak points: Most artists keep complaining about other entertainers like bloggers, show organizers, TV hosts just to name a few. As an artist you should know you cannot please all and all can’t please you  so “When you go to Rome do what the Romans do”
  8. Avoid Pride and dishonesty: Statistics have proven that most artists are very proud and dishonest. They feel big to meet the media, unknown artists will feel like they are celebrities because of little Facebook and other social platforms praises. Pride can’t help anyone go anywhere, even Jesus Christ was humble though he is God.
  9. Avoid free things: Most artists nowadays if not all want only free things. They meet the media( TV, bloggers, radio etc) claiming “they are upcoming artists” so help should be granted for free. Just because you are upcoming and claim “music doesn’t pay” doesn’t mean others will wake-up just to work for you. One day your music will pay and if others keep doing free things, what pays them? Any artists who wants any free promotion is very greedy and self-centered. Payment ensures effective work done than if it were free. Demand should be backed up by price. Be selfless, share, avoid greed and God will bless you. The more you give the more you receive.
  10. Avoid not praying: The last but not the least is prayers. As often said, prayers is the key. Take the key and open your door of success, it’s rather unfortunate most artists think to be an artist means you should  be a rascal; fornicate carelessly, drink and smoke anyhow. Know this might cause you tuberculosis and more diseases shortening your musical and your life as a whole. Be with God and succeed genuinely and see how he’ll bless you.

Thanks for reading till the end, hope it was helpful. Drop opinions about it, thanks for visiting the site.



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