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From the West region of Cameroon is Boy Tag. After having done music for 10 unsuccessful years, the young gentleman of 26 years was finally signed to one of the biggest labels in Cameroon Stevens Music Entertainment LLC together with great artists like Daphné the singer of “Calée”, Shura singer of Allez dire and M-pro of “If showbiz no for helep”.

For Tag, Stevens Music  has undebatable united artists, they are more like a family than a label. Tag highly believes in music language diversity to make music relatable, for example in Cameroon 80% of persons are French speaking so for him it’s just right to sing in diversified languages.

It will interest all to know the reason behind Boy Tag’s name.

  • Boy
  • T – The 
  • A – Albino 
  • G -Guy

Afriblinksblog and Known-your-celebs online show must acknowledge Boy Tag  has a very good personality from his responses which portrays he  doesn’t judge people. One can clearly see he is himself and proud of who he is. From his name to his lyrics like in “Talla “he’s proud of being Albino though the past insolence. So Boy Tag calls on all to be proud of themselves. 

So far, the authur of “Mignioncité”, “Njoka”,” Talla” just to name a few was one of the most thrilling persons to be interviewed by Afriblinksblog judged from the time taken and  high participation from persons. You could still ask more about Boy Tag in the comment box, it will interest you he is ” single and not searching ” as he said.

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