“I am no longer responsible for anything in connection with Stanley Enow.” Martin enow speaks


Martin Enow as one can clearly get from his name is a native of Bayangi. Without withstanding the fact that he’s a brother to Stanley Enow, he’s a manager to Motherland empire which is one of the biggest labels presently in Cameroon. He has supported Stanley Enow on social media many times and quarrelled with a label like Alphabetter records on his brother’s issue.

One doesn’t know whether or not they should say he is a manager to Motherland empire or he was because of his recent fb post we are not yet sure of. He says…(read below)

This caused a lot of suspense in the audience as they don’t know what the real matter is. However, he promises to update people today in a Facebook live at 3pm to talk more on it.

Could he be seriously leaving the label or it’s another way to get known? since Cameroon entertainers of recent are fund of doing that and of course Stanley enow just recently released a song so one never knows.

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