Mimie reveals a little secret on who the father of her child is


Contrary to most thoughts as who the the father of Mimie’s child is , Mimie indirectly say it’s not Locko .Mimie shocked everybody because immediately as she was used as a vixen in Locko’s song Booboo she became pregnant and all the funny postures they took who else won’t think it’s Locko? So that’s how all fingers point at Locko.If you were the one, what will you think? See below how most fans say it’s LockoHowever, when she was interviewed on SweetFm in Douala, when asked who the father of her child is, she says he’s not in the entertainment industry.In an online interview, she says she she doesn’t joke with her privacy.So from the above analysis,Locko is not a father to Mimie’s child and Mimie doesn’t want to let the public just yet.What she wants the public to know is whether you call her a “Mami Waka Waka je m’en fous”. She doesn’t care. You can watch the song below:https://youtu.be/E9hBm8LeaA8Thanks for visiting the site and stay tune to get more updates on this by scrolling down and subscribing.


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