“Important matters first, music can’t lack…” Askia talks


237 beauty queen says something hot to answer some of the questions that were posed after she released her latest song Let’s talk.

Before this, Askia Karin was a little bit silent that got people wondering. Later on, an anticipation and pictures of her song entitled Mami Bakala was rumoring around social media.Who won’t have expected it to be her next release ?

Well, she shocked people and released Let’s talk which made people crown her the rap Queen.Watch it below

In this song is said to be wonderful with a lot of meaning. Askia cries for the mass in her songs. She expresses the pains the country is going through and she says Let’s talk.

Even though this, people have still been wondering why this was released before Mami Bakala. See her response below:

So from the above one can see how caring Askia is as she treats important matters first.

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