“Nigerian celebrities will never celebrate you until a stranger…” Fan shout out loud.


Fan says Nigerian celebrities can’t ever celebrate the Hardwork of others until a stranger does then they start laughing like retards.

It’s true social media shows us all kind of stuffs but this one is exclusively very funny and has some bitter truth. Africans they say don’t like to support each other. They just enjoy supporting strangers than their own.

So Cardi B who’s considered the world’s rap Queen posted a picture made by a Nigerian comedian who trying to dress like her.

That very comedian has posted similar pictures doing outfits of Nigerian celebs but none has ever posted as from the commenter’s comment . So when Cardi B posted, some Nigerians celebrities like Davido (came laughing under the post) ,Yemi Alade commented as well just to name a few.

The commenter who’s probably a Nigerian said;Nigerian celebrities will never celebrate you until a stranger does and you see them laughing in the comment section like retards.

What do you have to say about this guy’s comment ?

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