Wizkid’s bodyguard says Wizkid brings joy in his life.


Wizkid’s bodyguard is very delighted as his boss brings joy in his life.

Wizkid the African’s pride music wise has a bodyguard called Emmanuel Roy who appreciates what his boss is doing in his life.

He openly acknowledges the fact that Wizkid has been nothing but a good boss to him contrary to what people used to say. People said that Wizkidayo just wanted to use him but he chose not to listen to them.

So Roy Emmanuel said ;

I jst wanna use dis opportunity to tank my boss for putting so much joy Nd happiness in my life, I remember wen people keep tellin m yo free dis dude he got notin to offer u buh one mind keep tellin m chill sometin big is comin buh @ d end stew everywhere…@wizkidayo u are a God sent🙏💪👍

Wizkid must have done a great thing to influence this guy’s life positively.

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