Jovi reveals his real intention for the 237🇨🇲 entertainment industry.


Jovi-Stanley Enow’s feud reveals Jovi’s real intention for the 237 entertainment industry.

Jovi is one of the most respected Cameroon rappers.He is also referred to as the mbokogod and the father of 237 rap. The clash between him and Stanley wasn’t and isn’t an easy one as they both have genuine fans who can kill for them.

During the clash then, fans who aren’t Jovi’s fans asked him to go and make money and do tours abroad rather than stick on twitter and insult hard workers who are travelling abroad.The artist Tzy Panchak didn’t fail to mention this in his own write-ups he did to diss Jovi.

They always have been saying this repeatedly to him and that’s what probably prompted him to reveal his real intention for 237 and why he doesn’t go out much for tours.

Jovi first of all mocks and says that be proud to travel to “another person’s country”. According to him, with all the problems in Cameroon, people shouldn’t be proud of travelling out to make posts and have likes.See what he says below.

He reveals his real intention for 237. Mbokogod says all he ever wanted was to shine from Cameroon so that people know and recognize the country.H e says “All I ever wanted to do was shine from here so people know my people.Thays all I really ever wanted.It will be impossible to achieve that if there is no change of climate.

After revealing his real intention for 237, he thinks it’s unachievable if people don’t change “change of climate”.

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