Falz was probably disappointed in his last relationship.Thus, he decides never to make his relationship public again.

The Nigerian artist who is so unique in his flow as he raps in broken funny pidgin and other languages like French couldn’t hide his feelings this time around about how he really feels about public relationships.

As a celebrity there are a lot of disadvantages showing off your partner to the public such as

– Gossip

– Fake news which might cause breakup

-Jealousy and hatred

-Lack of concentration


But as often said, anything that has disadvantages also have advantages.Some of the advantages of Public relationships to celebrities are

-It makes them to feel important

-It causes talks and make them go viral

-Occupy the fans.

-Make them look responsible

– They won’t easily look like flirts.

So the author of Soldier ft Simi has maybe examined the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a relationship private and decides to keep his private.

He says : My next relationship gone be so private I’m not even gone be in it

He even decides not to be in any relationship any longer.

Pray for Falz, he might be going through a lot.

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