Magasco allegedly expecting a twin


The Bamenda boy is expecting a twin soon.

It’s like it’s a period of “celebrity babies”. Everywhere we hear one lady is pregnant for one celebrity or the other.The Cameroon singer Magasco is expecting a twin as per the source.The Bamenda boy who says he is 28 years old was said to have dated a girl for 15 years.The source didn’t reveal the lady’s name.The Kom boy if have dated this lady for 15 years as said should have started the relationship with her when he was quite young.

Well ,Cameroon always produces all kinda gists.From Mr.leo to Magasco. So the Cameroon blogger Valery Atia who is known for giving us real gist posted something thrilling today.

He said the music star Magasco impregnated the founder of Made in Cameroon music festival Ebangha Njang.

He didn’t end there.According to him,this couple have been dating for some time now and are expecting a twin.Njang is located in the USA and it’s said that whenever Magasco is there, he is always seen hanging around this lady.

Get full gist below:

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