Top 5 fastest Cameroon rappers.


The throne of who being the fastest rapper in Cameroon has been super hot🔥🔥

People cry endlessly to know who the fastest Cameroon rapper is but really get confuse as many rappers are good in that domain. So today we’ll talk about top 5 Cameroon fastest rappers.Note that we didn’t make this list as we too are as confuse as every other fan and there are lots of fast rappers not yet known to the public.So we made analysis from people’s various opinions then brought it together to present to y’all now.Everybody’s opinion count so you could drop your opinions after having read.

Count down of top 5 fastest Cameroon rappers.

5. Sojip

Sojip is a French rapper signed under Big Dreams.He got known from his dong lettre à mon ex.

They say Sojip is a fast rapper.Check out what he’s capable of doing below:

4. Zee JM

Zee is 22 years old ,born and base Bamenda.

Signed under clear creek empire,h e is inspired by artists like twisted insane, nas, Jay z and Eminem.C heck his song below:


Cameroon rapper Tenor got popularity from his song To Le dab. It’s from there people started knowing what the lad could do.He is that fast rapper people seldom rap like and has a very unique flow.

He raps in French, his mother tongue and English. Well you can get one of Tenor’s songs here to know what the nigga is capable of doing.


From the analysis of what fans say, Ko-C is crowned 2nd Cameroon fastest rapper.The self-acclaimed Cameroon fastest rapper is however called the fastest by some fans.

But now it’s your choice to drop what you think about Ko-C who got famous with his song Bollo c’est Bollo. Check out one of his songs below:

1.Boy Tag

Cameroon rapper Boy The albino guy is undebatable Cameroon’s fastest rapper as said by majority of the population.He went viral with his song Mignioncité.

You can check out what this rapper is capable of doing below:

As earlier said,this analysis was gotten from the fans.You can also drop your opinions below:

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