Mimie and Gomez Suddenly become mute!


What is happening to these 237 artists?

It seems when labels rise in Cameroon they just drop asap.They respect the law of gravity surely even more than the way Sir Isaac Newton had foreseen.

Okay! So Mr.leo after “hammering” signed the artist Gomez. Honestly speaking, Gomez was never the quiet type.After being signed under Lionn’s production, he suddenly becomes mute on social media likewise his musical career.

What’s happening to Gomez?

Mimie will just give an excuse now that she has been quiet because she was/is breast feeding her child. But if Mimie can go for concerts why not do music. Air long she was signed under Empire company owned by Pit Baccardi, Mimie does not have sufficient songs an artist of her calibre can brag of. What she does is mostly appear in songs of other artists or feature in them. In her 3 songs she released alone under Empire, just two were hits.(hits in Cameroon not Africa)

Is Mimie sleeping or Empire is sleeping and concentrating more on Magasco?

The irony is pit Baccardi and Magasco keep working on new projects!
Mr.leo after creating Lionn production now sticks more to his label Alphabetter records and produces a lot of songs while his artist ain’t consistent.When people heard Mr.leo had signed Gomez, they were very excited saying Gomez has hammered as first of all he’s a good singer.

Well, let’s say Empire and Lionn production are planning something big for their artists.

Let’s not forget labels kill artists career nowadays.

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