Fans reportedly chose Wizkid over Davido in his own concert.


Probably been a very sad moment for Davido as his concert was allegedly a complete mess according to reports.

Davido did his live concert and according to what he posted previously, he had sold out a lot of tickets.

It’s not till after the concert that people started throwing shades at him saying the concert was a complete mess.

According to some people, in the concert, when the hype man pose the question “who do y’all want to see on this stage” the whole crowd shouted Wizkid.

According to others, InfinixDavidoliveInconcert was basically almost empty. He “claimed” to have sold out tickets others say but the VIP section was completely empty.

Another said this…

The REVIEWS FROM DAVIDO’s show 😹😹😹 terrible, he was doing his show & people called for wizkid when they asked who they wanted to see, Duncan mighty performed fake love instead of that rubbish ofensala, a fan was ribbed & fingered. Wizkid was at home fucking tiwa & he was trending with #WizKidDidItFirst. Fans were sleeping, he even had to throw money to ginger the crowd… u can’t buy greatness my brother 😹😹 the show was trash, because of davido’s own fans, I now have a folder with screenshots stored as (Wizkid Vs Davido Argument )😹😹 he was claiming show sold out but VIP was empty, & it cost 60k, he paid influencers to dash out tickets… oh & worst of all… he wanted to use live band😹😹😹 but all I heard was noise, burna boy was the only outstanding performer last night … when lil kesh & co came on, it was fire… but everything else was trash 😹

Must have been probably a sad time for Davido. Just like Kemi Olunloyo would say, #prayforDavido.

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