“Nigeria…backward unprogressive fools”- Burna Boy


Burna Boy is gradually becoming the most talked celebrity in Africa…from one stuff to another. Now he calls Nigerians backward unprogressive FOOLS.

After the release of his song On the low, Nigerian singer Burna Boy ain’t letting instagram rest. After he complained of health issues, he said he’s more concentrated in making Africa a genuine better place.

He furthers by saying people shouldn’t worry as he knows his own home country Nigeria “is home to the largest number of backward FOOLS”.

NB: He capitalizes the “FOOLS”!

He continues by saying he still fights for his country people because they are not as mentally advanced as he to fight for themselves…so he’ll fight for them.

He elevates the spirit of his fans when he says Nigerians will forever have his genuine undying love.

Now, Burna Boy praises few “African intellectuals” who wouldn’t allow themselves to be taken for granted and say they are the only hope Africa has left.

He said:

“Don’t worry,i know it is a FACT that my own country “NIGERIA” is home to the largest number of backward Unprogressive FOOLS. I will fight for them because they are not mentally advanced enough to fight for themselves.They will Forever have my Genuine undying LOVE. To the few proud young AFRICAN intellectuals who will not conform to whatever bullshit they are given, you are the only Hope of AFRICA.God bless you all.”

Don’t forget the words he capitalized.

Who is daring Burna Boy?

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