“Life is not worth an illegal demonstration”, influencer advises Cameroonians.


One of top Cameroonian influencers advises Cameroonians against illegal demonstrations.

After the demonstration in Douala against the CPDM, one of Cameroon’s greatest social media influencer advises Cameroonians to avoid illegal manifestations.

According to him, it’s highly punishable and if youths follow this Lane, their future might be shattered. He calls on all Cameroonians to make their pleas legitimate and legal.

He says;

Life is not worth an illegal demonstration!
Whether “pros” or “antis” – Cameroonians always have something to claim. Some like to let their anger and character express themselves in manifestation. This is also the case recently with the so-called “pacifist” demonstrations. Unfortunately for their organizers, they are illegal. And the visible offenders of the expensive payer.
Because you are “pacific” to the water on pudding. The violence is not lacking. Above all, calls for revolution or insurrection against the head of state are punishable by 30 years in prison.
Hence my question: is it wise to put one’s life in danger for a cause that will come to nothing? Do you believe that the results of the election of October 2018 – do you hear me with, will be modified thanks to you.
Now that all the countries in the World know he’s the president, isn’t it wise for SDF and MRC to look for a different alternative to make their cries heard legally and legitimately? If we aren’t happy with the elections result the only thing is to enter massively into the list of presidential candidates and wait for new voting period.
Didn’t Francklin Delanoe Roosevelt say a voting card is more powerful than a manifestation?
For those who want to brave the illegality and who will go on the street, you must know that it will be without mercy the way you will be arrested and judged. The government warned him. The police will have facial recognition tools, once your face will be registered in the database of protesters, you will be grilled on several levels (especially those young people who want to present contests or who dream one day to be part of the forces of the ‘order). There will be balloons in the sky with control cameras. Know already that there are orders of massive arrests and guess what happens after you get caught.
It will be without mercy for the offenders!
Life is worth living in complete freedom. Conscious citizens need to think about their future. Parents who are at risk of losing their job or the opportunity to meet multiple family needs, children who can no longer go to school because of the hostile environment that has been created. And especially: children whose father will be in prison for 30 years because of an insurrectionary project. Is this what you dream of?
Realize your dreams.s, work, life pacifically, build your future and that of your close ones, vote but don’t end up in prison. Life doesn’t need an illegal demonstration.
A word to a wise is sufficient.

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