Full list of the Canal 2’or winners 2019


We have a complete list of Canal 2’or 2019 winners below.

If Canal 2’or isn’t the most prestigious award ceremony in Cameroon, then it should be one of the most prestigious. Yesterday March 9, 2019 saw the announcement of the Canal 2’or 2019 winners.

This is it’s 12th edition and it was held in the Congress hall, Yaoundé.

It’s very clear celebrities removed their “under box” as everyone was looking stunning and sublime. There are exceptions to everything though.

So, this prestigious ceremony had as hosts Vicky Fokala, President Tchop Tchop and Joyce. The red carpet gorgeous queen Joan Ngomba and Steve Fonkam were at the red carpet.

Such an award couldn’t end without some artists showing off their talent. So we had great artists like Locko, Mr.leo, Ben Decca, VAJ, Gasha, Ko-C, Elvis Kemayo, Tenor, Roga Roga rock the stage with their wonderful performances.

Okay, to cut the history short, below we have the full list of Canal 2’or 2019 winners with the Afropop queen Daphné emerging as the biggest winner with her deserved four awards.

Gospel artist or group

John Duchant

World artist or group
Charlotte Dipanda

Folkish music artist or group
Dj Gerard Ben

Best videographer
Dr. Nkeng Stephens

Urban music female artist or group

Urban music male artist or group
Mr. Leo

Best Tv series
Bad Angels of Godwin Nganah

Best Humorist
Moustik le Karismatik

Best Male comedian
Vincent Batanken playing the role of inspector Saboula in « La Kola du Lion »

Best female comedian
Syndy Emade playing the role of Verostina in « Bad Angels »

Best web series
Les Baos

Best digital performance

Musical revelation

Central Africa revelation
Cegra Karl du Congo

Central African artist
Roga Roga du Congo Brazzaville

Special prize

African artist or group
Fally Ipupa

Special prize

Special prize
Ben Decca

Special Prize
Elvis Kemayo

Special Prize
Toto Guillaume

Popular song
« Calée » Daphné

Female artist

Male artist

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