Ivorian singer Josey gives accolades to Nyangono du sud.


Josey who happens to be an Ivorian artist gives a shout-out to Cameroonian star Nyangono du sud.

Nyangono du sud if not the most trending artist in 237 at the moment, should be one of the most trending.

He is ‘applauded’ for his “wonderful voice” and attitude towards fashion. He has become more popular than before because of his online posts either on Facebook, twitter or IG, his taste for fashion likewise via his voice when he sets to sing.

When Stanley Enow released the visuals for his song May Way, Nyangono said Stanley Enow, Locko and the “other” (referring to Tzy Panchak in a sarcastic manner to mean that he isn’t too famous) did a good song together.

He posted of recent that even the Ivorian singer Josiane (Josey) is seeing how he is “moving the crowd”.

Josey gave him a shout-out on her insta-story.

She said:

Le Monsieur ci soulève la foule!! CT incroyable

Josey was amazed with how Nyangono moved the crowd.

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