Cardi b biography, age, songs and lifestyle❄️


Belcalis Almanzar known as Cardi b is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper who was born on the 11th of October 1992 and raised in The Bronx New York. Cardi B is of mixed Carribean heritage, her mother being Trinidadian and her father being a Dominican descendant.

Cardi b first got the world’s attention via social media with her frank and nonchalant attitude towards life as a stripper. She left the reality show Love and Hip Hop in 2017 in order to pursue music completely. In 2015, Cardi showcased her talent on Jamaican singer Shaggy’s remixed single “Boom Boom” and released her first mixtape “Gangsta b*tch Music, vol.1 in March 2017 and that same year she released her number one single Bodack Yellow via Atlantic Records which surged to the top of music charts that year.

Belcalis secretly married the Migos group member Offset in September 2017. Unfortunately, the couples romance soon became a bed of thorns as news spread about Offsets unfaithfulness. Cardi b still went ahead to defend Offset as she tells fans that people handle their relationships differently . She also said even though they no longer together they still have a lot of love ❤️ for each other.

However this relationship resulted to a beautiful baby girl by name Kulture 💕.


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