Cameroon’s talented designer Mmakem Asuarrey biography, age, designs 🇨🇲💃🏽


Mmakem Asuarrey is a Cameroonian designer with the love for fashion, born on the 8th of September 1990 in the south west region Cameroon and Bayangi by origin and CEO of House of Maks.

In 2015, Asuarrey studied in the university of Yaounde I where she obtained a degree in sociology. Afterwards, Mmakem noticed her love for designing as she started designing her own dresses which she considered adorable. She later on travelled to Lagos Nigeria in order to pursue her dreams where she studied for six months and obtained a certificate in Fashion Designing in Tiannah’s place Empire Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬 in 2017.

Mmakem in order to make her country a better place and help in its development, decided to share her love and passion for designing by launching her own brand by name “House of Maks” in Cameroon by 2017 ending. House of Maks is presently located at Nkolmesseng Yaounde Cameroon 🇨🇲.she is presently single and definitely searching but full of talent to share with her fellow Cameroonians as they say, “you are what you wear” this talent is yet to be exploited by the Cameroonian population. Who better than House of Maks to showcase this talent. Make sure you visit House of Maks for all you designs!!👗.

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