20 years old Frida Kariuki takes loan to buy a Mercedes Benz for boyfriend 💑


A 20 years old Kenyan fashion model by name Frida Kariuki, decided to surprise her boyfriend with his dream car ( a brand new Mercedes Benz) for Valentines ❤️.

The young fashion model reveals to have loaned the money from her father in order to make her boyfriend happy as her parents support and approve their relationship 💑. It is important to note that Frida and her boyfriend have had a relationship for five years now and consider moving in together.

Frida, a young student at the Kenyan Methodist University says this gesture is to proof her love to her boyfriend who she loves enormously.

It is to be considered that this act has created a great media stir as many people consider it as being misplaced as the man in person is not yet her husband.

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