(Watch and download)Gbasky- Born to win.


Gbasky believes he is born to be a winner in his brand new song.

Super talented singer,Gbasky, expresses his feelings in his song Born To Win. Success, is first of all measured by the degree of faith one has in their dreams as one of the laws of Karma state; If you truly want something and go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief,even the universe will make it happen which is the didactic element Gbasky serves on the table for the mass via his work of art.

According to him, he has been through a lot of pains but he was born to win. He goes ahead to make it clear that whther he is a tailor, trader, president…he is a born winner. In a nutshell,no matter how ackward his chosen profession may seem,he will succeed in it. He even goes ahead to evoke Jesus acknowledging he is the almighty.

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