Anita by Salatiel


The boss of Alpha better records is here with the video of his single Anita. the song tells the story of a young lady who lived a reckless life and when her nemesis caught up with her, she decided to take her life away but her old school lover was still there for her. Rapped and getting pregnant without knowing the father of her unborn child was the end of the road and the only way out was suicide.

Much isn’t to be said about the song but a click of the link below will give you a better picture of the song itself from the Award winning producer, songwriter and singer “High man General” Salatiel. Music directed by Dr. Nkeng(We take another shot)

You can follow the artist on the various social media outlet as presented below;

Twitter & IG: @TheRealSalatiel


Business contact: +237977668287 or


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