(Watch )Love for Grandma- Boy Tag


Many who had the opportunity to meet their grandmothers or parents will always testify to the love they were shown by their grandma. To some of us who had the opportunity to meet our grandmothers, we can always testify they are so precious and we will always want them around. unfortunately, due to their ages, they never live long to see their hard work materialize and enjoy the fruit of their labor from their grandchildren.

This is the story Boy Tag is telling us in his new single Track GRANDMA. He tells us the love and care showered on him by his grandma who unfortunately isn’t there today to see him as he mounts the ladder of success.  This barely comes a few weeks after the release of his eye-catching cent pour cent. The amount of hard and energy showed by this upcoming artist of Steven’s music will certainly put him at the top of the chat in no time. Music was directed by Chuzih. I dedicate this to both my maternal and paternal grandparents.

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