(Screenshots)I love you Tenor, each time I try to forget you, my love multiplies 1000 times- Cameroonian girl reveals


Screenshots hit social media of Cameroonian girl who let flow her feelings for Cameroonian celebrity rapper, Tenor, in words form via her WhatsApp status.

A Cameroonian girl who goes by name Christine reveals her everyday heart cry via her WhatsApp status. According to the lass whom sources reveal has been chatting with
Tenor, anytime she tries to forget about him, her feelings multiply a thousand times over. She goes ahead to say her love for him chokes her in a manner that she can’t breathe.

The 18-year- old girl says she has always fancied this guy. For her, she can’t forget about him though her family might never accept him for her because her mother wants a ‘Christian husband’ for her daughter.Whoever said Tenor ain’t a Christian is left unanswered but she assumes his lifestyle isn’t that of a Christian.

Tenor if haven’t turned + 1 yet should be a 21-year-old guy who showed off his ‘photocopy’ daughter on his Instagram page the other time.

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Taking to her WhatsApp status, she wrote:

Thierry Je sais ce qui m’arrive avec toi.

The lass doesn’t even call him by his music name but by his personal name, Thierry.

Quand je pense que je ne suis plus amoureuse de toi bam! L’amour la se multiplie par 1000 et sa m’etouf au point ou j’arrive pas a respiré, she added.

Oh Lord! Let Thierry come to her aid.

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