16-year-old commits suicide after 69% voted for her on an IG poll to die.


Teenage baby girl decides to die after people voted for her to die on an ig poll.

Davia Emelia committs suicide in Kuching, Sarakwak in Malaysia, after an Instagram poll resulted to majority voting that she kicks the bucket.

The 16-year old’s body was found sprawled on the road on May 13 at around 8pm, according to The Sarawak Tribune.

Teenage girl commits suicide

Davia was reported to have created a pilot at 3 PM on that day asking people to pick Death or life. 69% voted D and the lass was reported to have jumped from a rented unit in Batu Kara New township and died. Aftrr this, the poll was found on her ig so authorities concluded that’s the reason to why she committed suicide.

The poll stated:

“Really important! Help me choose D/L”

“D” and “L” presumably stood for “die” and “life”.

Apparently, 69 percent had voted for “D”.

This wasn’t the only thing, Emelia was reported to have taken to her fb page to say she’s tired of life.


Said she.

According to Sarawak Tribune, Davia’s parents had separated and remarried to different people. Her father wasn’t visiting her again. Her mother got married to another man who had a 15-year-old son.

Most people suspect that this is probably the reason behind the girl killing herself.

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