Top youtube Channels in Cameroon


We are in an era where music promotion is vastly done through social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube and you can name the rest. One of the most prominent outlets where an artist gets much recognition and sometimes payment for their hard work and art is youtube. Many these days even judge the popularity or success of a song from its youtube views, especially most of us in the diaspora. This might be true though.

It was for this singular reason I had to ask Mr. Google on what he thinks are the top youtube channels with views in Cameroon. Some of the channels on the list didn’t surprise me that much given that they have been uploading hit songs for the past two years. The only surprise on the list was Franko officiel, but when I stormed the channel to ascertain the validity of the site I was gathering data from, I discovered coller la petite alone had 52M views and counting. As of now, that’s the most viewed Cameroonian songs. Top of the list was very obvious given their hard work and dedication of recent, that’s Steven music coupled with the fact that they have 3 top artists.

Here’s a rundown of the top twelve on the list with their subscribers and views.

  1. Steven music with 74.21 views and 272.51k subscribers
  2. Franko Officiel with 58.83M views and 167.53 subscribers
  3. Moustik Karismatik with 24.04M views and 157.76K subscribers
  4. BYSNESS Comedie club with 18.85M views and 144.68K subscribers
  5. YEMA TV with 23.42M views and 144.54K subscribers
  6. MrLeoOfficial with 19.63M views and 134.35K
  7. TENOR officiel with 15.68M views and 122.04k subscribers
  8. Mugroh Roger with 15.09M views and 104.25 subscribers
  9. Alpha better Records with 26.20M views and 92.31K subscribers
  10. MAAHLOX officiel with 27.92M views and 90.09K subscribers
  11. New BellMusicChannel with 15.55M views and 50.95K subscribers
  12. Ko-C Official with 8.78M views and 50.46K subscribers.

I had to end the list at 10 but when I saw Ko-C at number 12, I was happy and decide to external given that the channel is barely 2years 6 days old but it’s already far above older channels. If you want to get the complete list, click here. Some of you might be surprised because you won’t find some channels which you expected to hit at least the top 15(Blanche Bailey). This is probably because those channels are not operated in Cameroon since Cameroon doesn’t fall under countries whose youtube views can be monetized. please always remember to subscribe to those channels and also visit youtube to give these artist more views. I had to take a look at out neighboring Nigerian and was almost discourage make this post but a true Cameroonian will always remain patriotic.

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