Clash between Arafat and Debordo Leekunfa, a wounded man.


Feud between Arafat and Debordo.

As expected, the clash between the fearsome enemies in the Coupé Décalé took place.

A big fight between Arafat Dj and Debordo Leekunfa took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday at Ferrari Bar Angré. According to our sources, everything was going well that evening of “Dumatin” with the presence of Daishikan and the Master Maîtré, who were sitting in another room. This was before Arafat Dj decided to create trouble with Debordo Leekunfa. The undisputed leader of popular China sent three of his elements on the table of the boss of the Magnans to seek him mess.

Knowing the malice of his competitor, Debordo Leekunfa gently pushed the guy, in the absence of Dodo, his bodyguard who was in the bathroom. Noting the failure of his elements, Arafat Dj decided to take matters into his own hands. He woke up from his table and walked towards Debordo. He stopped at the level of the Master, then threw harsh threats on him. Furious and tired of Arafat Dj’s provocations, Debordo Leekunfa rose in his turn and threw a violent punch at Arafat’s face that led him to the floor. Arafat Dj was on the ground and was seriously bleeding from his mouth.

“The blow was so violent and fast that Arafat Dj did not see it coming. A few minutes later, he got up and threw a drink at Debordo Leekunfa, who dodged him. Then, Debordo in turn swung a table on Arafat Dj who, weakened by his injury, could not avoid it “, explained our sources. The war is now open between Arafat Dj and Debordo Leekunfa. And the worst might happen if nothing is done to stop this war between “Chinese” and “mangnans”

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