Cameroon should be renamed hell – Ambe writes as he mourns 4 months baby that was allegedly shot.


Cameroonian music sensation, Ambe, took to his social media handle to mourn an innocent 4 months old child who was allegedly killed by the military.

The singer of La expressed his bitterness towards the person or people who shot an innocent baby in cold blood when it was at sleep.

Cameroon has been undergoing the anglophone crisis which is a cry by the English people that they were/ are being marginalized. Lots of people lost their lives and are losing their lives every now and then. This is how a 4 months old baby was allegedly shot.

Sources reveal that the baby’s mother has been mourning continuously as it’s not easy to carry a baby for 9 months in your womb then birth the child for it to just be killed in a twinkle of an eye. Not just killed, but in a catastrophic manner.According to the red- eye music artist, people from Cameroon do not need to die and go to hell again because they are already living in hell.

He actually renames Cameroon as the new hell. Anybody who dies anywhere worldwide now, will just automatically appear in Cameroon.After saying this, he concludes by mourning with the mother of the four month old baby.

He took to his Facebook page to write:

Any Cameroonian civilian that has been living in Cameroon for the past 3 years do not need to die and go to hell anymore cus wehavebeen living in hell for 3 years + so who ever wrote the bible need to rename “Hell” with “Cameroon” hence Cameroon is the new Hell, Jesus christ how can the world watch what is happening I Cameroon and allow it for this long? HOW? Today I’m mourning with the mother of a 4 months old baby that was shot and …

After Ambe posted this, it was noticed he deleted the post few minutes after. Trust, we capture everything on time for y’all reading.Thanks for visiting our blog, please subscribe to get entertained.

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