10 things you should know about Blaise B, 237’s vocal highness.


Let’s reveal 10 things most people didn’t know about Blaise B.

Everyone will agree with me that you can’t talk of great Cameroonian music producers without mentioning Akwandor who also happens to be 237’s vocal highness. He is the producer of Mr.Leo’s Jamais Jamais which is a song that made the World to discover that there are talented artists in Cameroon.

What then didn’t you know about Blaise that you need to know?

1. He learned music production online

2. Akwandou Blaise was born on 24th December .

3. Surprisingly, he hates planes. ( He claims he hates planes but we all know how people are scared of plane crashes these days. Anyways, planes for an artist are inevitable.

4. Blaise was born half black, half albino.

5. He loves adventures ( but hate planes)

6. His favourite food is Eru and Fufu

7. Blaise loves swimming and can swim for the whole Africa.

8. He plays a lot and loves children.

9. He is single ( Not married but has a gf).

10. Started music with no assistance from a celebrity or something of that sort.

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