( Music Review) Elements about Salatiel’s “Anita’ people are blinded to.


Afriblinksblog will do a review of Salatiel’s, Anita, with main the objective of bringing out a lot of didactic elements from the song most people didn’t see.

Pourquoi la vie est si compliqué?

Salatiel’s song, Anita,hit 1 million + views in approximately 14 days. This just occurs when one does good music.

As clearly remembered, the CEO of Alphabetter records had stated clearly that ” If you want to do music, learn music. It’s not all about trying to look like a star”.

That is how he did the most loved song now in Cameroon, Anita.

In this song, the father of 2 talked about how he loved a lady for a very long time.

At that moment, the lady claimed to be a very decent girl so said she isn’t ready for sex at that moment. For her, she couldn’t just go against the Christian laws.

Salatiel loved her of course and was ready to stick to this love of theirs forever and ever. It can clearly be seen when he says:

Pour notre amour, J’étais pret à suivre ce part jusqu’à la gare

He really wondered why life is complicated with love. That’s the reason behind this song. It is out to portray true and pure love.

Didactic elements from Salatiel’s Anita.

1.True love advises :

He took out time to advise Anita when she was going to the wrong path just like our father in heaven always does to us. It can be seen when he says :

“Take am easy oh Anita, one day you go cry Anita ohh, la vie c’est doucement Anita, le dehors est mauvais Anita parceuqe tout ce qui brillent n’est pas de l’or ici dehors.”

2. Pure love is inconditional :

Though the girl left Salatiel for a quick enjoyable life, the guy still thinks all that glitters isn’t gold. Because his love was pure, when he met her back, though pregnant, the man still took her just like that.

3. It forgives:

Salatiel forgives the girl even after many years and when she was in her bad moments. So people, if you love someone, forgive them like God forgives your sins.

4. Love is patient

The father of 2 waited for Anita after years to still get her back.

5. It cures

When the love of his life was in pains and almost commiting suicide, his love cured her.

The aforementioned are just few moral lessons from the song.

Salatiel is then advising here that we should let real love lead because it is beautiful, it is kind, patient and pure.

You can watch the song below:

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