Mr.leo shows off his cash and acts like a big boy (Video)


Cameroonian music sensation, Mr.Leo, acts up all rich by showing off some of his cash.

Cameroonian singer, Blanche Bailly, released of recent, her song titled “L’Argent”. Just as usual, in an attempt to show support to his colleague @isblancheBailly, Mr.leo did a video vibing to the song with his artist Kameni.

The CEO of Lions production who had recently stepped on the toes of Snazzy, the CEO of LionsNation for saying he might start calling his fans #Lionnation had signed two artists under his fast growing music label. The latter signed, Kameni and Gomez.

Can you imagine? A video hits social network portraying Leo’s female signed artist chewing money. Not just money but the purple bank notes.

Mr.leo was also included in the video showing off the excess cash he has been making. One can clearly see that, Mr.leo and his artist have hammered.

Watch video below:

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