Ko-C allegedly expecting a child with model, Jenistar Blanche .


Cameroonian model and video vixen, Jenistar Blanche, took everyone by surprise when she posted pictures of herself with a big belly hoping her child turns out to be like her father, carrer wise.

Previously, gist popped up on online in which Jenny claimed Ko-C had impregnated her and made her abort then refuted everything at the end of the day.

Cameroonian super talented rapper, Ko-C didn’t say anything about it at that time.

He released an audio song titled Ça a cuit which he will be releasing it’s visuals soon. According to the Bollo singer & rapper, the lady in his song had slept with all sorts of men then when ei bad – ça a cuit, she came forcing the child on him.

Ko-C equally revealed that the lady in question had used charm on him when he said Put matango inside my bear and had told him how good she was, sex wise.

When the song was released, lots said the latter was referring to Cameroon’s gorgeous video vixen,Jenistar Blanche.

Well, social media went back mute on this matter till today that Jenny shared pregnant photos of herself on her Facebook profile hoping that her child grows up and be like its father, holding the mic strong.

Sharing the photos below, she wrote :

You will hold the Mic strong as your father.

Everybody knows, Yung Meagan’s boyfriend, Ko-C, has as signature gimmi de mic yor. Most comments under the ladies Facebook posts suggested that the Cameroonian star is responsible for the pregnancy.

A source very close to Jenny revealed to Afriblinksblog however that, the girl said the list to her father’s child is long.

She has been seen on several basis calling Tzy Panchak ‘mine’ but a picture just hits social media with Tzy just from welcoming a child. (You can subscribe to get the next post). Like Ko-C stated in Ça a cuit, he said she is with Tenor, Jean Stephane etc and targeting 50 cent.

Now, who is actually the father of her child ? Drop your opinions from the analysis.

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