Lydol, a rose among the thorns!


The difference and the varieties have always worked wonders in our world. The splendor of a new nature dazzles minds every time you look at it. It’s love at first sight for @Lydol the slameuse who capsizes us today.

From her real name Dolly Sorel Nwafo, Lydol is a young Cameroonian from the west with an atypical career. She took her first steps in the world of slam with difficulty, due to a domination of urban music in Cameroon. With hard work and perseverance, she has climbed the ladder, especially with her victory at the 2010 edition of Challenge Vacances.

Very slowly, she chained performances on the stages and scenes of Yaoundé. She has won awards in a remarkable way, like Young Talent Springs, and the Spoken Word Project. Cameroon was represented by this talented last in the 2014 Poetry Africa Festival in South Africa, and in the pan-African competition: Africa has an incredible Talent where it gives shivers to its audience and making a name thereafter.

In a sweet voice but also impressive Lydol in his very first album “Slam Therapie” gives us an edifying illustration of the realities of everyday life. She also tells how slam changed her life. This album is a euphoric mix of emotions including love, sadness and hope. A shell of her album has 14 titles including: Amina and slamtherapie, takes us to understand in reality who is really Lydol the slameuse; the woman with the afro look and the well-oriented pen!

It is with bravery that she made the difference on the Cameroonian music scene with slam and actively works for a considerable increase in the figures of slam audience in Cameroon through workshops that she coordinates on writing and Much more.

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